The future of the ebook


With the introduction of ereaders last year and the imminent announcement from Apple about the much rumoured Tablet – or iSlate – the future of the ebook has never been rosier.

The opportunities for authors and publishers abound to create an experience for readers which delivers an amazing array of immersion and interactivity. Watch this short video with me and soon to be published author Jackie Walker to find out more.

About Author

Tom Evans is a published author and poet who also mentors other authors in the writing and publication process. He is a specialist at curing both writer's and author's blocks - and yes, they are different. He works with clients on a one-to-one basis and runs regular Blockbusting workshops. He teaches the principles of whole brain and whole mind thinking and how to get our minds into the state where they can tap into unlimited creativity. As a BBC trained broadcast engineer, Tom also has an amazing understanding of multimedia and Internet technologies and is a master of the ebook. By ebook, Tom doesn't mean a PDF but a fully immersive work with audio, video, animation and user interactivity. This year he has launched an iPhone application development service for authors and publishers.

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