Author Bec Evans

Bec Evans is an innovation consultant for the publishing and creative writing sectors and co-founder of Prolifiko, a digital productivity coach for writers. She is also head of innovation at Emerald Publishing. She has spent a lifetime reading, writing and working with writers. From her first job in a bookshop, to a career in publishing, and several years managing a writers’ retreat centre for Arvon, she’s obsessed with working out what helps writers write. Follow her on Twitter at @Eva_Bec or @beprolifiko.

Writing 7 ways to get things done

Productivity isn’t just a way to show off to colleagues and suck up to your boss. Getting things done allows you to spend more time doing the things you love and want to do. Bec Evans shares her favourite tactics to make short shrift of the long to-do list.

Writing How to beat procrastination

Writers are the masters of procrastination – it’s far simpler to type a search term into Google than it is to write the first line of a novel. We all procrastinate – but you can overcome it with practical strategies. So stop putting off your dreams and reward your future self, says Bec Evans.