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Many careers advisors say that you need to make yourself visible by blogging in order to get a job. But this is not necessarily the case: your blog could be working against you and killing your job prospects instead of helping you land the job you so richly want, says Suzanne Collier.


Looking for a job in publishing? As with all social networking, when it comes to job searching there are some big ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Twitter on its own is unlikely to find you a job: you may see jobs advertised (and you’ll need to respond quickly if you do), but it should be used as the means to finding a job, and your personal marketing tool.

Suzanne Collier of shares her top ten tips for using Twitter for your job search.


Temps. Remember them? They used to be the people who came in to cover the donkey work jobs no one wanted or no one had time to do. They also used to be the route into publishing for the vast majority – especially women. Not any more. Now budding publishers are expected to work free in long unpaid internships.