Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online


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In internet-savvy circles [Amanda Hocking] has been embraced as a figurehead of the digital publishing revolution that is seen as blowing up the traditional book world – or “legacy publishing” as its detractors call it – and replacing it with the ebook, where direct contact between author and reader, free of the mediation of agent and publishing house, is but a few clicks away. There is certainly something to that argument. The arrival of Hocking onto the Kindle bestseller lists in barely over a year is symptomatic of a profound shift in the book world that has happened contiguously. Her rise has occurred at precisely the moment that self-publishing itself turned from poor second cousin of the printed book into a serious multi-million dollar industry. Two years ago self-publishing was itself denigrated as “vanity publishing” – the last resort of the talentless. Not any more.

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  1. Amanda isn’t the only one. Our story is not of self publishing but of owning the digital rights to a book that came out in 1995 and may be the first Holocaust Book to go viral. Absolutely wonderful to see a book have a second life, 15 years after it was released (which was before Amazon and back when the internet was still dial up functionality!).

  2. Since being published by Simon and Schuster in 1996 and having them take 95% of the profits, I am thrilled to be releasing my new books myself in digital fomat and with no more haughty New York editors to deal with.

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