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The Deal, Spring 2008Are you going to the London Book Fair this year? The Spring edition of The Deal – its official magazine – has just published. And it looks great.

I recommend Steve Hatch’s article “Communication Breakdown” for a few frightening statistics on the mismatch between publishers’ online spending and their customers’ behaviour.

And here’s a quick extract from my article, “Time to Talk“, about social media:

Trade publishers should learn from their colleagues in the academic sector when it comes to online marketing, says social media expert Jon Reed.

Have you updated your status today? Has anyone written on your wall? Have you spent any Linden dollars? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? You’re excused for not knowing about mobcasts, microblogging, or avatars, but the rest? In the 21st Century podcasts, RSS feeds and blogs remain as opaque as String Theory to a frightening number of publishers. Many don’t even know if their authors have blogs. And social media? It’s a mystery to them.

While they are pimping their sales forecasts, their customers are pimping their MySpace and Facebook profiles. A savvy few trade publishers are investing in social media – Penguin, HarperCollins, Random House, Simon & Schuster – but many others remain on the fence. The same is not true of scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishers.

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Jon Reed is an author, screenwriter, publisher and social media consultant. He is the author of Get Up to Speed With Online Marketing (2e, Pearson Business, 2013) and the the founder of social media consultancy Reed Media, which offers social media management, training and consultancy. Jon started Publishing Talk in 2007 following a 10-year career in publishing, including as publishing director for McGraw-Hill. More...

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