Amazon tackles review problem, deletes wrong reviews


By Suw Charman-Anderson at

After the fake reviews furore of September died down, we were all left wondering what, if anything, Amazon was going to do. The notoriously tight-lipped company had said little about the issue of sock-puppet accounts, malicious one star reviews and self-serving fake five star reviews of books (and probably other stuff too). And publishers seemed to be so busy staring at their feet whilst singing ‘La la la la’ and jamming their fingers in their ears that they couldn’t find the wherewithal to comment either.

“So what next?” we asked, hoping that the issue wouldn’t simply dry up and blow away.

Well, those of us who thought that Amazon would do nothing were, it turns out, wrong. Amazon has, in fact, tweaked its customer reviews guidelines and has started deleting reviews. Except it might well be deleting the wrong reviews.

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